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Odile Lassemillante

Odile Lassemillante

AHPC Registered
Bachelor of Speech Pathology,

Odile graduated from the University of Newcastle, Australia.

During her studies, she enjoyed working as a carer for children and adults with developmental delays, Cerebal Palsy and Down Syndrome. As she graduated, she carried on in that field, providing speech therapy to children with varying degrees of speech and language difficulties.

As a private speech therapist, she then worked intensively with students presenting with attention and sensory deficits, dyspraxia and psychological disorders. Odile regularly conducted school visits to set education plans with teachers for children with learning difficulties, in both French and English. She also had a diverse clientele of international children, presenting with an array of speech, articulation and language impairments, whilst in the process of acquiring their second language.

To help families with picky eaters, Odile is trained to administer the ‘SOS feeding program’, aiming at increasing the variety of foods on their plate. She is also trained in the Sensory Motor Approach to feeding for children with developmental delays, Autism or Down syndrome who experience chewing and drinking difficulties.

Odile is a trained smooth speech clinician, and can assist older children to learn stutter-free speech. Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) is a diagnosis that she has a special interest in, and she has undergone specific training to work with children below three years of age, who have a suspected diagnosis.

Odile is a strong advocate of the holistic approach and the family friendly practice; she sees language and feeding as a very intimate and important link between family members, and believes the whole family can be involved in their development. She sets achievable goals, and via play, easily wins the children’s attention and trust. Therefore, her therapeutic approach can easily be reproduced at home by the parents/ care provider.

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