Developmental Milestones

Age Language Speech Social and Play Eating and Drinking
3-6 months Turns head towards voice.
Makes cooing sounds. Attempts to interact with an adult. Breast or bottle feeding, they should be putting their hands on the bottle during feeding.
6-9 months Waves "bye bye".
Imitates syllables.
Babbles with sounds like "puh", "mi" etc. Vocalises to get attention. Finger feeding solids and they will help caregiver with spoon.
9-12 months Gives objects on request.
Uses 1-2 words.
Babbles longer sounds like "mimi" "baba" etc. Joint attention starts developing. Drinks from a cup held by the caregiver, eats a variety of foods and deliberately reaches for the spoon.
12-18 months Understands 50 words.
Uses 15 meaningful words.
Speech should be 25% intelligible. Points, shows or gives objects. Holds a spoon and a cup with both hands for self-feeding, stops using baby bottle.
18-24 months Understands new words rapidly.
Uses 50 words.
Says p, b, m, n, w sounds in words.
Speech should be 50% intelligible.
Joint attention is well established. Drinks using a straw, able to self-feed and eat a variety of textured foods.
2-3 years Understands 2-3 step instructions.
Uses 2-3 word sentences.
Says k, g, t, d, h sounds in words.
Speech should be 75% intelligible.
Parallel play with other children. Holds a cup with 1 hand without spilling and uses a fork, eats a variety of solid foods and is not a fussy eater.
3-4 years Responds to "wh" questions.
Tells you what they have been doing.
Can produce all sounds except sh, ch, j, th, r.
Speech should be 90-100% intelligible.
Uses a doll as a play mate. Self feeds a variety of foods and drinks and is able to use a knife and fork.
4-5 years Follows 4-5 step instructions.
Vocabulary of 1500 words.
Uses a variety of grammatical structures.
Can produce all sounds except th, sh, r. Engages in role-play and co-operative play. Self feeds a variety of foods and drinks.
5-7 years Identifies and describes element of a story.
Compares and contrasts old and new information.
Can produce all sounds except th, r. Understands jokes. Self feeds a variety of foods and drinks.

We recommend you contact us if you have any concerns regarding your child's speech, language and/or feeding development.

Some of the above information has been obtained from ASHA, Hanen Centre & Caroline Bowen.